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A New Optimize Feature to Keep Your Website Updated

While communities from different industries try to help businesses to tackle this challenging time, with the covid19 pandemic making things difficult for most businesses,  Google has added new features to Optimize to help companies to keep their website updated. Some of these features include:

  • You can add an informational banner to the top of your website.
  • Quickly update your website by using Google Optimize.

How to Add A Message

Google Optimize will give you the option of adding a banner to the top of your website. It will provide you with access to their templates, which will help you customize the colour, size, and even the text. 

You can edit your message based on your location too. If you are providing services at a specific location, you can use this message to people who are in that area.


Temporarily Update Your Website

Based on your work hours, you may update your Google My Business to show people your new temporary hours. You can leverage Optimize and create a new, temporary version of your website too, designed to inform the customer about any changes made to your business during this time.

You can then easily reinstate the original version of your website whenever you find it necessary. You do not need to redesign your website, and by merely using Optimize, you can share any information about your services, product shipping, or new hours, with your clients.