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Digital Marketing World News – 017

These days, walking around any downtown in Canada is an experience that is both encouraging and sad. Lifestyles are changing, people hurt by these coming changes, and there is nothing we can do about it. But, there is some news from the digital world which shows people believe new and better days are coming. 

New Facebook Program will let users link brand loyalty accounts

Last Friday, Facebook officially announced its new app feature. This new feature will allow users to see their loyalty program points from brands. Sephora is the first brand that is going to pilot this program in the US next week. 

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Snapchat Launches New 'Here For You' Mental Health Resource Ahead of Time in Response to COVID-19

snapchat and commuinty help

Snapchat will launch its “Here For You” tool within its search bar that explores content from specialists when Snapchat users search for mental health, anxiety, depression, suicide, and related topics. Snapchat Announced last month that this new tool would provide in-app assistance to Snapchat users who may be experiencing mental health or emotional trauma, with links to related sources to assist people in coping with such matters.

Google Ads Restricts Targeting Some Government Documents 

Google announced that they will no longer allow ads for documents and/or services that can be reached directly from a government or a delegated provider. 


Google says it has removed 'millions of ads in the past week


Google said weeks ago that it was banning ads from companies trying to abuse Google Ads and make a profit of panic surrounding the novel coronavirus. But users still see ads for products like face masks served by Google Ads. Google told Business Insider that they banned millions of ads during the past week, but it seems it needs more effort from this company.