Digital Marketing World News – 015

E-commerce is the future of many businesses in the coming years. Retailers will not survive if they don’t think of e-commerce seriously.

Local-Services ads appearing in Google Home voice results

local voice search

If you use Google Voice devices ad search for a service, after confirming your location you may see a list of your local businesses that may offer you the service that you searched. Then, Google will provide to contact them. If you review the list, you can see that they labeled as google guaranteed not to google ads! Read more about this article here.

Mobile Web vs Mobile App

shopping and mobile apps

When it goes to online shopping, customers can use a mobile app or mobile web. Customers’ behavior can drive more sales even though we know that customers are good at shopping on the phone, but they are getting to use to it more. Here you may find some number.

Breaking Down Mobile Video Ad Spending

video ads spending

Video is getting a better chance to engage your brand with potential clients. And people use smartphones more than any other device. It seems it could be a wise decision to start mobile video advertising. Here you may find more info to show you how the numbers look like.