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Digital Marketing World News – 014

Ecommerce is the main topic in the new business era and Facebook and Google are the main players when it goes to Search and Social Media.

What Retailers Need to Know About Gen Z

ecommerce and gen z

Millennials played a great role in all the digital marketing world. And now it’s time for Gen Z to play their main role. Learn more about how Gen Z will affect e-commerce and how retailers need to be ready for it.

Google Brings Search to Podcasts

google search and podcasts

Google’s Podcast app starts searching the podcasts through their transcriptions and gives more options to its users to search for anything that they want to listen. Here you may find more details.

Facebook Will Now Provide Details about What You See in Your Feed

facebook news feed info

Now, Facebook will provide its users with the information which shows why they see that specific post. By checking that users will learn how Facebook understands their interests. Learn more about this feature here.

Introducing Three New Features for Responsive Display Ads

display responsive ads

Google introduced Responsive display ads a while ago and the made responsive search ads available to some clients. Now, Google is improving responsive display ads by adding new features that make these ads more practical. Read about these features here.