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Digital Marketing World News – 011

The digital marketing world is full of surprises. But, there is some logic too. Being updated is the main logic! Google has the most share in our today news.

Social Video Ad Spending Will Grow 44% by 2021

video ads

Visual is playing the main role in our daily life. From politics to shopping all affected by Video. It means there are a lot of opportunities in video advertising too. And social media is part of a regular day and it seems natural to see an increase in social media video ads too. Read more here.

Disapproved ads

google ads feature

“X Ads Disapproves!” This is an unfortunate message that we saw in our Google Ads campaigns and it was usually hard to really understand why. And now, Google is providing advertisers with new possibility to understand more about the reasons. Here is the full news.

Google Recommended Columns

google ads feature recommended

There are a lot of columns in Google Ads to pick. Google now tried to make it easier for marketers and provided them with “recommended columns”. When you use a feature many times Google will assume that feature is needed and will add it your column list. You can simply adjust it later. Read more about this feature here.

Technology and E-commerce

ecommerce and technology

“Over the past year, 44% of consumers used chatbots to make purchases and 75% messaged businesses to do the same. The future of conversational commerce.” Customers’ behavior is changing daily and it seems it is related to the technology changes.
Here you may find some ideas.

Campaign Optimization

campaign optimization

Doing advertising for small businesses means limited resources and the urgency of seeing the results. It is not surprising due to the size of businesses. Here is some advice to help you to track the results and give small businesses more air to breathe.