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Digital Marketing World News – 010

Digital Marketing news is something that you as a digital marketer or business owner need to follow to be ahead of the market. After a bad day for Facebook, now there are some new about social media commerce. Google is trying to create more engagement around the news and step in new markets that dug enough.

Social Commerce Grows

social commerce in digital marketing

Social commerce is not dominating e-commerce, but it’s ramping up now. Some platforms such as Facebook examined this feature before, but they never stopped it. And now statistics tell that it is getting better. More information is available here.

Google Changes the Color of Ad Labels

google ads label color

Google is testing black instead of green. It was obvious that having the “Ad” sign affects the click-through rate (CTR) and now, this color change may help higher CTR! See what it means to the market.

Google Hotels and Online Booking Websites

google hotels

When Google bought ITA, they planned a decade movement to gradually tested everything and understood the market. Seven years ago, Google Flights, then Google Trips, and now, Google Hotels. Learn what Google Hotels will mean for online booking sites?