Digital World News - Episode 008 News

Digital Marketing World News – 008

Digital marketing is a battlefield that all tools and machines are the same and the only thing that makes the differences is human resources. Digital marketers are the soldiers who play the main role in playing with these tools.

Social Video Ad Spending Will Grow 44% by 2021

video ads

Social Media Advertising is one of the most fast-growing trends. Video advertising plays the main role in this game. People like watching videos and brands try to create more engaging videos to get their attention. Here you may find some interesting statistics.

Smart Speaker and Smart Displays

smart displays

People are using smart devices more than before and gradually they are getting adapted to them. Smart Displays and Smart Speakers find their place in living rooms and people use them to search, Listen to music, and so on. More information is available.

New Lighthouse Feature

Google Lighthouse Feature

Everybody uses smartphones to do some researches and navigate around. Mobile friendly websites have more chance to be seen by the audience. Now Google has updated Lighthouse to measure tap target spacing on mobile websites.