SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization audit is one of the best way to start your digital marketing  plans. 

Why SEO Audit?

SEO is one of the most critical tasks in Digital Marketing. Google receives over 70,000 searches per second on any given day. Most of these searches happen because someone is desperately looking for something, and it means that he/she is your potential customer.

Search Engines like Google always try to improve their search results to keep their customers happy. It means that they try to make the results match what the customer had in mind while researching. By doing that, they are continuously improving their search algorithms. 

Google Search Engine

Keyword adjustment

Keyword Research

Each SEO project starts with keyword research. In the audit process:

  • We will analyze the keywords, and they will be categorized based on their Difficulty, Search Volume, and Competitiveness. 
  • The next step would be comparing the keyword map and the customers’ search terms.
  • And the last stage would be clustering these keywords around the customers’ intents.

These processes will help us prepare a proper keyword map.

Copy / Page Review

Your website content plays the main role in the Search Engines’ ranking process. As much as your content answers customers’ search terms and keeps them happy with the results, you will get a better quality score. 

  • Clustering content: based on the keyword clustering map, we will try to assign different pages to a different cluster.
  • Each page has different parts that help search engines during their indexing process. Some of the items that will not affect this indexing directly, but play a significant role in assisting the process are meta-tags. At this level of auditing, meta-tags will review.
copywriting techniques


One of the signs that search engines will give your content better quality score is backlink. When you receive a lot of backlinks, it shows that your content was useful to the potential clients. 

We will review backlinks to make sure of

  • Their Domain Authority
  • Spam Score

Based on this discovery, we will decide which backlinks to get rid of and which ones to continue with. 

Gap Analysis

After following through with the previous steps, we will step back and look at the bigger picture of the company and business. We will fill any information gaps so that the website is thorough in all aspects. We’ll also focus on making the company project the image of a leader when it comes to its particular industry. We’ll make a plan to deal with all previously found errors and help you plan for your next move with confidence.

gap analysis